Since A Reason to Be Alone has officially hit the streets, I just thought I’d share some of the coolest comments I’ve heard in the last few days:

“My daughter just did a book report on A Reason to Run.”

Seriously, I am a high school English assignment. How amazingly cool is that?!

“I love your story! Nothing can keep my attention (other than Fifty Shades) so this rates right up there!”

Even though my book is nothing like Fifty Shades at all, I kept someone’s attention like a mega-bestseller whose author made multi-millions last year. I will take that as a superb compliment!

“I have been trying to read The Hunger Games but can’t get into it – now that I have your second book, maybe I’ll put that one aside.”

Come on – taking precedence over The Hunger Games? That is pretty epic, people!

“A Reason to Run is only the third book I have read in the last fifteen years, and I definitely want the second book in the series.”

Woohoo! Score one for mankind, right? I got someone reading!

And, perhaps the most important:

“Camdyn is here because she is connecting with so many women on so many levels. She has a purpose.”

Yeah, she totally does have a purpose, and I really hope you all stick with this series to the end. Camdyn is searching for answers, and it is definitely a love story, but it’s also a tale of grace, redemption, mercy, forgiveness, and hope. There is so much more to come – stuff that had me crying on the interstate on the way to work this morning just thinking about it. Really. Amazing. Stuff. (How’s that for eloquence?)

And if that isn’t enough, I think I might have talked Cole Parker into guest writing this blog in the next couple of weeks. That is, if Camdyn isn’t driving him too crazy!

Camdynly yours,


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